Thriving literally means to flourish.

In our case, we’re talking about you becoming the healthiest, fittest and most confident version of yourself and living your best life. 

We strongly believe that the greatest asset you have in whatever you want to achieve is YOU.

Taking care of yourself is essential to reach your full potential and this should always start with mastering the basics of health – a balanced diet, regular movement, quality sleep and regeneration. 

Proper self-care will make you less vulnerable for disease, more productive, resilient, happy and successful. 

It will make you thrive, in all aspects of life.

It’s our mission is to inspire, educate and coach as many people as possible to take back control of their health and optimize their life by creating the most advanced health and fitness coaching ever.

At Thriving Life Club


We look for what we call deep health – an uniquely holistic approach that’s not just about body fat percentage or big muscles but also factors like how people think, feel, live and connect to others. We don’t want clients who ‘look good’ but feel awful inside. We want to help people feel and function well in all aspects of their lives.


We educate and provide the resources to help clients develop the nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and change skills and habits that lead to sustainable body transformations. Simply telling people what to eat or how to move more isn’t very effective. This is where behaviour change comes in.


We focus on the basics first – a balanced diet, regular movement, quality sleep and regeneration – and keep things simple. Complexity or high-level technical information won’t help you do the things you need to do. Basics are best. Excellence and results come from consistently mastering the basics.


We blend the latest health science, proven psychological principles for behavior change and hands-on experience into a practical system that makes healthy habits stick almost effortlessly and changes your health and body for good.


We gather, analyze and use data to make informed, outcome-based decisions. As results are our priority we continuously test our approach against reality and refine it based on the data we get. You can only manage what you measure.


We are client-centered which simply means respecting and helping to build the clients dignity, autonomy and self-expertise.

about us


Jordi, founder and coach

Jordi (40) is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach who is known for his unique, holistic approach. With numerous international certifications and extensive real-life experience he has now helped hundreds of people improve their health, create a strong and vital body and live a confident and happy life. His clients describe him as professional, involved, knowledgeable, empathetic, positive and honest. Besides studying, writing, educating and coaching he spends as much time as possible with his family and friends. Beach, park, coffee bar, soccer pitch, restaurant, playground, always on the go.

Kenan, founder and coach

With a great passion for health and fitness, Kenan (31) has been working since 2008 to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible. In both physical and mental terms. He’s internationally certified and specialized in behavioral change in order to make a bigger impact, optimize body composition and improve mental resilience. Kenan is described as a real people person who is always there when you need him. In his free time he enjoys taking a walk in nature with a coffee to go.

personal training

Our personal training service does more than designing your workouts. It transforms how you look, feel and recharge. 

It’s an uniquely holistic approach to high-performance living that addresses the areas of movement, nutrition and recovery in tandem.

You’ll have a coach – rather than a traditional trainer – who is qualified to design breakthrough programs that fit your unique goals, values and lifestyle while delivering results.

All memberships include:

+ Initial assessment (in-depth health and fitness questionnaire, body composition index, health markers, cardiovascular fitness and movement screening)

+ Program design

+ Foundational nutrition- and lifestyle coaching

+ Regular progress check-ins

Sessions take place in our luxury health club at Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam, including member lounge, locker rooms and towel service.

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